Changzhou University School of Mechanical Engineering & School of Urban Rail Transit Overseas High-level Talents Recruitment

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Changzhou University (CZU) is co-sponsored byGovernment of Jiangsu Province, China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), Sinopec Group Company, as well as China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC). Changzhou University has 15 schools/colleges, 2 provincial priority academicdisciplines,7 provincial key disciplines, and 2 disciplines ranked among top 1% of ESI. The NatureINDEX of Changzhou University in 2016 ranked 68th in all colleges and universities in China.Currently more than 2,000 graduate students and more than 13,000 undergraduate students are studying at Changzhou University.

School of Mechanical Engineering &School of Urban Rail Transportation has Mechanical Engineeringmaster degree program from the first level discipline, Chemical Process Machinerymaster degree program from the second level disciplines and Power Engineeringmaster degree program. Also, the school has 7 majors for full-time undergraduates including Process Equipment & Control Engineering, Automation of Mechanical Design & Manufacture, Material Forming & Control Engineering, Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Automation, Automotive Engineering and Rail Transit Signal and Control.Currently 224 graduate students and 1,730 undergraduate students are studying at school.The school places a great emphasis on the strategy of recruiting elite professionals. It now has 23 professors and 38 associate professors.


All fields of study about our disciplines and majors are open to applicants. The school especially encourages research that requires a multi-disciplinary and non-traditional approach.

Candidates should have:

  • A demonstrated commitment to excellence in teaching and research

  • A proven track record of academic achievement, comparable to those of full professors or associate / assistant professors in world-renowned universities

  • A doctoral degree from a world-renowned university, preferably with post-doctoral experience

  • Heads of R&D departments of top multi-national corporations.

  • Applicants with overseas working or educational experience are preferred.

  • Young and mid-career researchers are particularly encouraged to apply.

School will provide comprehensive and competitive support for the appointees. The benefits include start-up research funds, salaries, accommodation benefits, offices, laboratories, research assistants and graduate students.


Candidates are cordially invited to send a letter of job intention together with the curriculum vitae to: Applications are accepted all year round.

Mr. Liu, or Ms. Xu

Tel: 0086-519-81169803 /0086-519-81169812